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ReVe Partners is a premier design and development firm. We offer a one stop destination to your architectural design and investment needs. The firm is a market-focused, process-centered organization that develops and delivers innovative solutions. Since 2014, we have proudly designed residential and commercial properties throughout Greater Los Angeles. At ReVe Partners, we believe in the value of the community and constantly strive to implement critical initiatives to achieve excellence. We take pride in giving each client our utmost attention. At ReVe, we love what we do and would love to help you execute your design and investment ideas.

Lida Mahabadi, AIA Associate

Lida Mahabadi, AIA Associate

Founding Principal, Lida Mahabadi, comes from diverse background including science, architecture, and art. She has received her Masters of Architecture from Southern California Institute of Architecture. Prior to establishing her practice in Los Angeles,  Lida worked for distinguished architectural practices in Southern California and New York; her portfolio of work with these firms includes a wide range of residential homes,  work+live lofts, and cultural projects.