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K House

The K guest house is a small addition to an existing contemporary home in Brentwood, Los Angeles. Within the confines of the site, each design element is positioned to enhance its relationship to the existing house and movement of the sun. The pool house casts no shadows as it provides a backdrop to the pool. It is designed to provide protected living and entertainment spaces adjacent to the pool and accommodate overnight guests. The guest room is oriented to the pool to maximize the intake of natural light and incorporates a slide glazed door system to maximize relationship to the surrounding site. When opened, the sliding doors effectively create an open-air pavilion. The open pavilion theme is further enhanced by the roof design rising from west to east and overhang over the elevated small patio positioned in close proximity to the pool. 

Gower Residence

This project is an addition of a master bedroom, closet, and bath to an existing small cottage style home in Larchmont. The goal was to maintain the existing character of the house and yet add a few contemporary elements to brighten and enlarge the space. The new design has changed the square geometry of the house to an L-shape. In doing so, the backyard feels cozier and more secure. The bedroom is situated near the end of the backyard with the windows carefully situated to  capture a glimpse of the garden and maintain privacy. Moreover, the sliding door enhances the outdoor- indoor experience and aims to naturally cool the space in summer days. The vaulted ceiling is carried throughout the addition to accentuate the grandiose affect as one transitions from the the hallway to the bedroom. And as for the interior design, the selected color palette, furniture, and fixtures aim to capture warmth through the space as one transitions from one space to the next. 

Manor House

The Manor house located in Alpharetta GA is designed to reflect the programatic interest of the developer and unique site conditions. The house is carefully situated on the sloped terrain of the country club and takes advantage of the view. The design aims to take inspiration from classic southern style architecture and offers a contemporary representation of spatial design and material selection. As a result, there is a great focus on the flow of space between interior and exterior environments as exemplified by the use of porches that heighten the indoor-outdoor experience. 

Carmen Residences

The small lot subdivision project is a new development in Hollywood, CA. The proposal includes four new townhouse-style single family residences. More details coming soon!


D + L Retreat

The design proposal was for a client wishing to have 2 separate guest houses each suited to meet the artistic needs of the husband and wife. Each module is 400 sf and connected by a walking platform. One is designed for a painter and the other for a writer. The design focuses on affect of light and privacy on site. The house is build from the ground up, and every line and angle responds to the site. The design provides a modern take on rustic cottage style home. The black roof and sides provide a stunning contrast against the light tone of the wooded area in the background. As a result, the open-plan living is suffused with a peaceful atmosphere. There is a mix of materials used throughout each guest house; cool concrete and large metal framed windows are balanced by warm wood and bright white walls. The result is a home that is more spacious that it may seem from the outside and the perfect getaway.