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Green Residence

Greene residence is our newest project in Del Rey. The design features continuity of form that accentuates the atmosphere within each area of this luxury home. There is a great emphasis on privacy and outdoor-indoor experience. Moreover, the selective use of apertures effectively captures light and cross breeze.


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Carmen Residences

The small lot subdivision project is a new development in Hollywood, CA. The proposal includes four new, luxury townhouse-style single family residences.

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K House

The K guest house is a small addition to an existing contemporary home in Brentwood, Los Angeles. Within the confines of the site, each design element is positioned to enhance its relationship to the existing house and movement of the sun. The pool house casts no shadows as it provides a backdrop to the pool. It is designed to provide protected living and entertainment spaces adjacent to the pool and accommodate overnight guests. The guest room is oriented to the pool to maximize the intake of natural light and incorporates a slide glazed door system to maximize relationship to the surrounding site. When opened, the sliding doors effectively create an open-air pavilion. The open pavilion theme is further enhanced by the roof design rising from west to east and overhang over the elevated small patio positioned in close proximity to the pool.

Dental Office Front Desk.png

Playa Dental

The new dental clinic is located in Playa Vista. The 1300 sf office space is located within an existing commercial building. The design features geometric patterns and textured glass walls. The goal was to give the clinic a distinctive aesthetic to reflect on new urban life in silicon beach. The concept revolves around the relationship between the program & aperture as experienced by patients and staff. The clinic comprises of four treatment rooms with separate lounge for staff and patients. Upon arriving at the waiting area, visitors are faced with the reception desk decorated with a triangulated pattern. The treatment rooms are just beyond the waiting room. Each space has its own windows that capture the view of the city and tall textured glass wall to provide partial privacy and brighten the office.